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About Mundo Gardens

A True Grassroots Movement

Mundo Gardens is a non-profit, community garden and social justice organization empowering youth and families throughout San Diego and across borders since 2010. With community, we work on solutions to the issues that impact the social determinants of health. We are culturally responsive creative practitioners and scientists who use our tools and our talents to teach about reclaiming our health and strengthening each other as a community. Mundo Gardens founded the first community

garden in National City, an area known for its fast food and high obesity and diabetes rates.

Executive Director sits on the San Diego Portside Steering Committee with … involvement with CERP (Carbon Emission Reduction Plan), San Diego County Behavioral Health Board & Stakeholder Engagement Workgroup, Leadership Council Advisor to San Diego Food System Alliance, San Diego Council On Literacy, and is a RISE San Diego Urban Leadership Fellow as well as a Resident Leadership Academy Facilitator.

Mundo Gardens currently heads BRANCH OUT SAN DIEGO, tree distribution campaign with lead Grantee, Tree San Diego, in CalEnviroscreen’s Disadvantaged neighborhoods in South San Diego and National City.


Mundo Gardens Joe's Pocket Farm was founded on January 1, 2010, though its history goes back many years and began with a man named Jose Nuñez. Joe, as we called him, farmed a vacant plot of land neighboring his home for many years. It was a jungle of banana trees, tomatoes, mint, and citrus. He gardened daily and shared the fruits of his work with neighbors and the community. After Joe moved away with his family in 2008  the garden was uncared for and became overgrown with weeds and used as a dumping ground. The youngest siblings of the Luna Reynoso Family, Michael and Michelle, approached National City Council to share the Idea of a community garden. In 2010 we broke ground at Joe's Pocket Farm. Janice, the oldest sister of the Luna Reynoso family, along with family, friends, San Diego Victory Gardens, YALLA, and the support of National City, began the work to transform the garden back its purpose. Mundo Gardens currently includes Joe's Pocket Farm, which is a community garden in National City. Classes or events at both Mundo Gardens include but are not limited to, gardening, art, nutrition, cooking, music, and yoga. Mundo Gardens Joe's Pocket Farm has been host to the Rancho Roots Fest and a Peace and Dignity 2012 Ceremony Fundraiser. Call to schedule a tour or any classes for your small group. The space is also available to the community for outdoor events.

Our Team.

Mundo Gardens is made possible because of the countless volunteers that have dedicated their time into out projects- from voicing support in public forums to sweating in the gardens themselves. We owe our deepest gratitude to the gente.

We would like to take the time to introduce a few individuals that make up the team behind the scenes. From educators to gardeners to the director herself; here are the hardworking people that hold it all together.

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