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Paradise Creek Community Garden

Welcome to Paradise Creek Community Garden, a symbol of hope and justice in the heart of National City, located on Kumeeyay Land, the ancestral territory of our community. After more than 10 years of community-driven efforts, this 4-acre garden is finally coming to life with the help of Mundo Gardens and Olivewood Gardens, two non-profit organizations committed to improving access to nutritious food, promoting healthy lifestyles, and educating residents about nutrition and environmental topics.

In a neighborhood where there is limited access to fresh produce, this garden is a beacon of light for those who struggle with high diabetes and obesity rates. It will serve as a space for residents to plant fruits, vegetables, and herbs, while promoting social gathering, music, arts, and culture. The park will also include bike and pedestrian pathways, picnic and playground areas, and infrastructure improvements to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Mundo Gardens founder and Operations Director, Janice Luna Reynoso, played a vital role in collecting community input and spearheading this initiative. Her organization will be in charge of the day-to-day management of the park, while Olivewood Gardens will provide fiscal sponsorship. Olivewood Gardens, with its gardening and cooking classes on a 6-acre property, is the perfect partner for this venture, sharing the same mission to improve access to nutritious food.

The Paradise Creek Community Garden is not only a source of healthy food and education, but it also represents the power of community-led efforts to bring about positive change. We celebrate the hard work and dedication of Janice Reynoso, Mundo Gardens, and all the community leaders who made this project a reality. We acknowledge the Kumeeyay people, who are the traditional caretakers of this land, and express our commitment to honoring their history, culture, and sovereignty. Together, we strive for a more just and equitable future, one garden at a time.

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